Many guests want to know what they should bring with them.

Here you'll find what is and what can be waiting for your arrival.

Planning and packing for a trip can be time-consuming and take a lot of work. Who wants to spend the time and energy packing extra things to cook with or enjoy during your vacation? Along with the standard kitchen amenities you could expect from a vacation home, we've brought together a collection of complimentary amenities, as well as premium kitchen equipment that can save you time and enhance your stay.

Let us lighten your planning and packing load- we'll have everything waiting for you when you arrive.

WIFI  - $50

(Not Available At Grandview Point)


Board Games - No Charge

We have an assortment of board games for all ages. 

Fire Wood - $10 per bundle

(Not Available at Public House)


Fire Starters.jpg

Fire Starters - $1 each

Make starting your fire easier with all-natural fire starters.


Approximate burn is 20 minutes. We recommend 2-3 starters per fire.



Colored Flame - $1.50 each

Add interest to your firepit by adding multiple colors to it. Great for kids!


Approximate burn 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of your fire. We recommend 2-3 packets for each fire.


Not for use while cooking or roasting marshmallows. 



*  Quantity based on size of group and length of stay

  • 1 Sponge/Scouring Pad

  • Hand Soap

  • Dish & Dishwasher Soap

  • 2 Kitchen Towels

  • Paper Towels*

  • Tall Kitchen Trash Bags*

  • Standard BBQ Tools

Coffee Station:

We proudly support local business and supply our guests with ground coffee from the Lake Geneva Coffee Roastery - a Wisconsin owned and operated small business.  We're confident you'll enjoy the delicate nutty chocolaty notes of their Artisan Blend- Sweet and Smooth.


  • A traditional coffee pot and filters.

    • Clearview Lodge has a Kuerig as well

    • Fontana Ridge has a combination of coffee and expresso machine.

  • Coffee from Lake Geneva Coffee Roastery 

  • Coffee Filters

  • Creamer

  • Artificial Sweeteners


  • Bath, Hand and Face Towels*

  • Hand Soap

  • Bathroom and Facial Tissue 

  • A travel set of shampoo, body wash and lotion in each full bath

  • *quantity based on size of group and length of stay

Bed Linen:

Linen for all beds are supplied. Each bed is carefully prepared and awaiting your arrival.

Washer & Dryer:

Need to do a quick wash? There are a washer and dryer at Clearview Lodge and Grandview Point only. Sorry due to individual guest allergies and preferences, laundry detergent is not furnished.

Supplied Seasonally: 

  • Pool towels are provided for your convenience based on the size of your group and the length of your stay. (Clearview Lodge and Grandview only)

  • There is a gas BBQ grill at all homes with a minimum of half a tank of propane.


Due to the demand and limited quantities of our Premium Amenities, we ask that you reserve your items during the reservation process - so we can reserve them for your stay and arrange to have them waiting for your arrival to use as many times as you wish for the duration of our stay. 

Premium equipment is subject to availability and may be substituted or replaced by a comparable item

Bread Machine  $25
Bread Machine $25

Fill the house with smell of freshly baked bread. This machine will knead and bake your bread for you. Heavenly!

Rotisserie  $10
Rotisserie $10

Make kabobs or impress your Guests by whipping up a whole rotisserie chicken.

Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker  $5
Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker $5

Sleep in and surprise everyone with hot tasty Belgium waffles.

Old Fashion Ice Cream Churn  $20
Old Fashion Ice Cream Churn $20

A tasty treat for both kids and adults on a warm sunny day.

Electric Juicer  $5
Electric Juicer $5

Make fresh orange juice or homemade lemonade. Use this refreshing juice to make your signature craft cocktail.

Electric Crepe Pan  $5
Electric Crepe Pan $5

Enjoy making sweet and savory crepes for your guests.

Mini Pie Maker  $5
Mini Pie Maker $5

Make individual savory mini pot pies or sweet fruit pies.

Vintage Style Popcorn Maker  $25
Vintage Style Popcorn Maker $25

Enjoy your favorite movie or TV show while enjoying hot buttery popcorn. Great for large groups.

Large Deep Fryer / Steamer  $25
Large Deep Fryer / Steamer $25

Ideal for golden brown fried chicken or a New England seafood boil. Even fry a whole turkey!